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"The Birth of Bee Caps" 
Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food" Hippocrates
In 1986, my mother, Pauline "Grandma" Hueston, was hospitalized suffering from eight serious medical problems.  The heart  bypass surgery she had experienced previously, now seemed minor. We thought we would surely lose her this time. She was released after extensive hospitalization but was unable to walk or care for herself.

It was during this time that I met a woman visiting from Europe. She told me not to give up hope, that there were miracles in the beehive. Returning home she sent back four bottles of bee products - Royal Jelly, Bee Propolis, Bee Pollen and Raw Honey.  One major problem was mom's lack of appetite. Like many patients, she was not eating enough to regain her strength. Her hands too weak from crippling arthritis, she needed help opening and measuring the ingredients. I hoped that by feeding her the combination of all 4 natural bee foods she would regain her strength.  Within days there was a noticeable improvement. It was just as my friend from Europe had promised.

I now had to devise a method that would allow Mom to take the bee products easily. Using some simple ingenuity, I ground together the contents from the four bottles and put the combined mixture in capsules.  My Mom was able to take these capsules with ease. Mom continued to take her prescriptions together with the bee capsules.  From an initial discharge prognosis of only 2-3 months to live, Mom's strength, energy and endurance began to improve.  Miraculously, with the services of an excellent Doctor, her medication, good nutrition and trust in God, she regained her health.  She was able to enjoy more years of life than anyone ever expected.

Observing this recovery, our friends wanted bee products for their own use.  However, the handmade capsules were impractical to make in volume. After three years of research with pharmaceutical chemists, we discovered a low temperature process which allowed us to combine all four natural ingredients into a single caplet without destroying essential enzymes.

Since Nature Cure Bee Caps are food, I began marketing them through restaurants.  Wonderful testimonials began to pour in from people of all walks of life.  We found that anyone who wanted that extra energy and that feeling of well-being could benefit from taking our Nature Cure Bee Caps.

Sincerely, Tony Hueston, Sr 

Founder of Nature Cure Bee Caps




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All all natural food supplement with important bee foods
in one easy to use caplet
Helps increase Energy, Strength & Stamina includes Royal Jelly, Propolis, Pollen & Honey.
Bee caps have 22 essential minerals & vitamins needed to sustain life and Pollen and Royal jelly are freeze-dried to preserve potency.  Try Nature Cure Bee Caps for a month and see what a difference they make!  Thank you for visiting
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