Bee Caps Facts Optimal Nutrition in a Bottle

 * Bee Caps are FOOD and most experts agree that you should try to get all your vitamins and minerals from what you eat. 

* Bee Caps contain all known vitamins, minerals and nutrients considered essential by the National Research Council.   

* Bee Caps are ALL NATURAL, never made from a coal-tar base like many vitamin supplements.  

* Bee Caps are capable of sustaining LIFE.  Man-made chemical supplements cannot. 

* Bee Caps never contain MEGA doses of chemical vitamins or minerals which can cause deficiencies of other nutrients in your body.  

* Bee Caps are manufactured without HEAT using a proprietary process that gives the product a shelf life of over four years.

* Bee Caps are alive with ENZYMES, not a man-made chemical composition lying inactive in a bottle. 

* Bee Caps are ECONOMICAL nutrition.  For only 67 cents a day, (about the cost of a cup of coffee) you can enjoy supplementing your diet with BEE CAPS.